COVID-19: One case of adverse side effects, as 75000 vaccinated in Oyo

COVID-19: One case of adverse side effects, as 75000 vaccinated in Oyo

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COVID-19: One case of adverse side effects, as 75000 vaccinated in Oyo

By Adeola Badru

One person has been reported having complications from the COVID-19 vaccination in Oyo State and other 398 persons with mild symptoms like a slight headache and pain at the point where the injection needle was inserted, as about 75000 people were vaccinated against the infection in the first round of the vaccination exercise.

The Oyo Emergency Operations Center’s Co-lead on Risk Communication and Community Engagement Pillar, Dr Olusola Oriniowo, while speaking at an interactive session yesterday, with media on COVID-19 in the state, said a sample of 1000 people to know-how many developed adverse effects following vaccination found 58 per cent had mild side effects, with pain at injection site the overwhelming majority of these effects.

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Dr Oriniowo, stressed that there was underreporting of cases of side effects of the vaccine in the state, adding that individuals are expected to report any symptom they noticed following the vaccine to be able to access correct advice and medical care on how to manage any effects of taking the vaccine.

Speaking on the current COVID -19 situation in the state, he said as at June 6, 2021, 42,870 samples were tested, 6,558 tested positive for COVID-19; 6,731 people had recovered from the infection; 124 deaths recorded and 3 active cases of COVID-19 on treatment.

While urging for cooperation of individuals in the community in ensuring suspected cases gets tested and treated, the Incident Manager, Oyo State COVID-19 Emergency Operation Centre, Dr. Taiwo Ladipo, said the influx of people from countries with a high burden of COVID-19 cases and apathy towards COVID-19 testing was of concern to the EOC.

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He said: “Even when we test minimally, we might just have a single case and it is something that is given us concern because it shows that we have not mopped it up in our society. Unfortunately, most of the testing is incidentally because some people want to travel abroad.”

“So, we have more cases coming in from private laboratories that are doing the test for international travels and that tells us that we are still in the woods. The situation, we are in even portend danger because although we think that there are few cases, we could have some with new variants of COVID-19 causing calamity in other climes.”

Dr. Ladipo said the number of people vaccinated in the state was still low and not enough to ensure total immunity and urged everyone to get set to be vaccinated during the next round of COVID -19 vaccination exercise in the state.

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