Trouble with Coronavirus campaigns

Trouble with Coronavirus campaigns

By Pius Okaneme

Sir: Good number of people from around Onitsha area in Anambra State might have contracted coronavirus unknowingly and successfully treated themselves with a combination of typhoid and malaria medicines. This assessment is from an unscientific poll of people living around the above locality that I have personally come in contact with. They suffered from cold, cough and lack of taste in their mouth.

The statistics that Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is flashing on the news media can be said to be unequivocally far short of reflecting the true picture of the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria if the situation in Onitsha area could be used as a sample. It then becomes understandable to ponder that the alarm NCDC is sounding may not be commensurate with the impact of the disease. There is no denying the health hazard of contracting the coronavirus but judging from the effect on those who have been sick from the symptoms like that of the disease, it is not a death sentence to all. And this may also have implications on the strict restrictions on social and economic activities by the government.

The most disheartening aspect of the situation is that those who have suffered from the symptoms of coronavirus were not able to access adequate testing owing to unavailability of specialized centres in their area. They were forced to patronize the local pharmacy stores, use local remedies or seek the help of their personal doctors. This obviously is not what the NCDC prescribed but they were left with the choice of suffering without any medical attendance.


It becomes suspicious that the government agencies are simply following the international trend and not the real consequences of the coronavirus in Nigeria. It is upsetting to people’s lives when policy decisions by government are not seen to be meaningful. The confusion makes room for conspiracy theory to prevail.

There is rightly a disconnection between the message that is pushed out to the Nigerian public by NCDC and the corresponding result of the spread of the coronavirus. Government might have failed to localize their approach in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, Nigerians are inclined to suspect a fraud as what government is preaching is not manifesting in their realities. And they are no strangers to misleading tendencies by the government.

Pius Okaneme,

Umuoji, Anambra State.

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